Professor Devin is a best-selling author of 9 groundbreaking books to include, “Power M.O.V.E.: How to Transition from Employee to Employer”, “Blacks: From the Plantation to the Prison”, “Rebuilding the Black American Infrastructure: Making America Colorless Nation” and “Taking it Back: How to Become a Successful Black Beauty Supply Store Owner” with over 50,000 books sold independently.

He is an avid economic activist, professor and entrepreneur of multiple businesses.


Release Date: September 2, 2016 


The black community would be the 9th richest nation in the world based on our collective spending power. The question we must examine is, “Who writes our checks?” Without economic sustainability, reculturization, and deliberate focus in certain areas, we will continue to lag behind.

Professor Devin Robinson is the author of very compelling work. The information he uncovered in his book, “Taking it Back: How to Become a Successful beauty Supply Store Owner” landed him in the New York Times, in Ebony magazine, on TV One with Roland Martin and as a subject matter expert for former nationally syndicated Michael Baisden radio show. He waged a one-week boycott of the industry in an attempt to show consumers how a simple targeting of their money can inject $750 million into the black community for that one week.

His follow-up works, “Rebuilding the Black American Infrastructure: Making America Colorless Nation” and “Power M.O.V.E.: How to Transition from Employee to Employer” got him called upon by The Obama Administration’s Economic Development Authority to work with inner city entrepreneurs and small businesses for one-year to help them stabilize their local communities through innovative approaches to commerce.

The Power of Black: How African-Americans Can Win in America’s 21st Century book is his latest work that speaks directly to the black community on specific areas that will help us become a more competitive group in America’s new economy.

The book examines, uncovers and then offers solutions on where the black community goes wrong from birth, to adulthood (finance management, career selections, etc.) and into parenting and how simple adjustments in our perspectives and behaviors can create a massive shift in the black “leverage” that can last for many generations.

The Power of Black reveals the resilient power of the black individual and how that power increases for that same individual by 13 times if the black power is harnessed collectively. The book touches on business, parenting, entertainment and more. It unpacks the illusions that blacks often view improperly and how damaging the non-black dollar is to our community.

Professor Devin is the organizer of the Official Black Businesses Matter movement (, a movement aimed at boosting black entrepreneurs into mainstream competitiveness. He is a committed advocate in elevating the black community to equal status and equal value of other communities.

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For example, here are 3 reasons we should not push our children to attend college: 1. If they have no ambition to attend, 2. will not attend a reputable school that provides high enough investment returns through income or access or 3. will not major in a high skilled discipline that earns at least $75,000 upon graduation. However, the government blindly says, “Go”. Most American colleges help a person survive, not thrive; moderately happy, not wildly successful. But it all benefits our system through the debt.
-Power of Parenting

The truth and trap of black people is we get lured in to repressive activities that we call "being black" at early impressionable ages. We spend excess money, don't focus on a wealth plan, lounge around going from job to job, don't commit to building enterprises, and seek ways to make the most money with the least amount of work. Many years later, by the time we realize that we are living counter to wealth building, we have enormous debt, possible felony convictions, familial obligations (that makes entrepreneurship a high risk step), and the inability to easily get into enterprising. This trend keeps Blacks having to always play catch-up. We are seeking to build wealth later in our lives, by that time other races are hitting their stride.
-Power of Finances

We've also unconsciously let corporate America set the tone for what we expect from businesses, how to shop with them and what to expect working for them. Black America's small businesses cannot compete with corporate America's business standards and allowances in the workplace. Since we're allowing that, we continue to fuel corporate America's power by shopping with them and working for them, all while belittling the small business entrepreneur within our communities due to their lesser resources.
-Power of Business

I believe one of a couple’s focuses should be building an empire together. They can either do this by running a business together, investing together or doing their thing separately. They should become an investment group, rather than a consumption couple.
-Power of Relationship

There is a very embarrassing and despicable story about myself that I will share with you, since it’s just you and me right now. I held a very prominent position in the last assignment I had in the military. The top leaders counted on me and the army families knew and relied on me as well. I was very well known and depended on. The commander decided…
-Power of Entertainment

We must discuss and coordinate economic efforts with your friends. We have commerce and community as two separate issues when they are not. Some of us reserve our very best and most precise selves for when we are at work for large businesses with those mystic “benefits”. What if we could take our best selves… our skilled selves… our thinking selves and put it towards joint economic opportunities with each other. We don’t have to be the CEO or leader either. We can just be the investors and, if appropriate, the workers of each other’s businesses.
-Power of Us